Welcome to Systems Administration

Any company with InGen's size and scope requires a well-planned network to facilitate the exchange of information. Add to that the daily operation of an attraction as unique as the Park, and one is suddenly faced with a task of truly Jurassic proportions.

Network/Computing, a subdivision of Operations, has proven itself worthy. With an NT Operating System and Server (as well as a couple of SGIs) and a Cray to crunch the numbers, InGen boasts a computer network comparable to corporations several times its size.

The IntraNet, developed by star programmer Jason Preston, allows the various divisions that comprise InGen to communicate at blazing speed with the utmost convenience. More than a network, the IntraNet helps to foster a sense of community, as each employee is able to keep abreast of the affairs of his or her co-workers (with the obvious exception of Security - we can't have everyone knowing everything!).

I believe strongly in an open-door policy - please feel free to stop by with questions, concerns or just to chat...

James Saunders

Vice President, Systems Administration

system administration

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