To: BoutcherJ

From: HammondJ

Re: Security Breach

What's going on around here?

You assured me that all sensitive files would be encrypted. Don't worry. No one, not even Nedry, can get in, you said. This network is 100% secure.

That's a laugh.

See the attached file? It was recovered by my granddaughter, Lex. She was doing her homework on my PC and stumbled on the password for Site B. Site B for godsakes! Do you know what would happen if word ever got out that Well, I certainly don't have to tell you what a disaster it would be.

I want the passwords changed. Right now. Ill e-mail you the new ones.

Furthermore, what is Operation End Run? and why cant I access it!


**** after >*&> marketing *%** Long-term marketing plan *&>&>%

Marketing of proposed resort facilities requires that full complexity of JP technology not be announced. Mr. Hammond wishes to remind all departments that Production facility will not be subject of any press release at any time.

Production/manufacturing facility cannot be #@#$# reference to production island loc Isla S. inhouse reference only strict press ***>%$ guidelines.


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