To: OdellM (Megan Odell)

From: JacksonS (Dr. Stephen P. Jackson)

Re: Nightmare!


I had the worst dream last night…I was sitting naked in the Park, wearing some kind of Triceratops-shaped unitard (Do we sell these? If not, make a note!), playing with all the dinosaurs. (The Compys were the cutest - And so frisky!). Suddenly, I heard a huge rumbling sound. It was that purple dinosaur, only like 400 feet high. And he started to trample on all the other dinosaurs, with this big smile on his face, singing that stupid song over and over again. "I love you, you love me." It was horrible!

By the way, who was that new intern in the ugly green sweater? The guy really bugged me. Maybe it was just the sweater. Anyway, fire him, will ya?


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