Like so many of my other great ideas, Operation Apprehension came to me while I was in the shower. Hearing a noise in my apartment (a comprehensive reconnaissance later turned up a hinge in need of oiling), I realized that all that separated me from that big, scary world out there was a vinyl polymer shower curtain only a couple of millimeters thick.

While my feeling of naked exposure was quite literal, I correctly realized that everyday folks must feel like this fairly often on a more metaphorical level. A wellspring of irrational terror poking around under a thin veneer of calm. If I could only exploit it...

And I have. I make it a point to create a little paranoia within the work environment each and every day. Sometimes I'll steal a pen from someone's desk. Or start a rumor about a particularly nervous employee. Maybe even let a dinosaur out of its pen - you can't do better than a the anxiety of sabotage.

You'll be amazed at how fast these small little things cumulate into something tangible. And when it's tangible, you can control it…


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