Employee Benefits

Child Care

In our ongoing commitment to the InGen family, we are planning to build a Daycare Facility next to the Hatchery. Construction begins next week. (Contact: Steve Hyland, Employee Relations)

Paid maternity and paternity leave can be arranged, as long as it is at least two months in advance. (Contact: Maria Dillinger, Personnel Director)

Financial Planning

InGen offers both 401K and Individual Retirement Accounts to each of its employees. (Contact: Maria Dillinger or your immediate supervisor)

In addition, Dr. Stephen Jackson (Dinosaur Control) conducts weekly after-hours meetings of "The Richest Man in Calabassas Society," devoted to creating and maintaining an lifelong financial plan. Membership is limited and may or may not involve a fee.


Part of your overall compensation as an InGen employee is the contribution to all or part of a number of insurance programs. The basic plan includes health, dental and life. However, there are a few caveats specific to the working environment at InGen.


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