Additional Employment Policies


Nearly all of InGen's employees have access to confidential information of one kind or another. Per the coordinated efforts of the company's various divisions, this information is usually quarantined from one individual to the next, communicated on a need-to-know basis.

A simple rule to keep in mind: If a co-worker claims to know what you are working on, he or she is probably lying. Please report any such incidents to your immediate supervisor. If your immediate supervisor is the individual responsible for the breach in question, please report the incident directly to Internal Security.

Telephone Calls

As personal calls are generally prohibited during working hours and inter-employee communication best effected via the IntraNet and interoffice memos, all telephones have been removed from the building. In the event of an emergency, employees are urged to exit the complex and use the pay phone located at the gas station across the street.

ID Cards

Each employee will be issued an ID card, bearing his/her access code to the IntraNet. Lost cards should be reported immediately to Internal Security.

Political Activities

InGen employees are prohibited from soliciting political contributions from co-workers, from soliciting political contributions on the job, from taking any job-related action on the basis of political activity, affiliation, or contribution or absence thereof, and from participating in political activities when scheduled for work.

"Political Activities" include affiliations with political parties, whether recognized or unrecognized; membership in cults or fringe groups; and/or ties to organized crime or extended families of any sort.

Dress Code

While we hardly require formal attire, employees are expected to put their best foot forward. No ripped clothing, no sneakers or athletic garb, nothing featuring licensed characters from entities other than Universal Studios.

Kitchen Privileges

The Kitchen is open during all operating hours to any employee. Please clean up after yourself. Be especially careful near the stove, as the smoke alarm is supplemented with a Halon Gas System (see Emergency Procedures for more information).


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